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Originally Posted by WalterAZ31 View Post
another great ending to a decent RAW tonight

and man, the crowd popped pretty damn good, when Rybacks music hit and then the clothesline on Punk. He is more over than anyone they have tried to create in sometime, regardless of how similar it is to Goldberg

good job not having him hit his finisher on him though, so they didnt give away that. Thought that was pretty smart

and wow, even at 67, McMahon can still work. Just ridiculous, but you have to respect that SOB

if Stone Cold can't or won't be available for WM, then i wouldnt mind seeing Punk vs Ryback at Wrestlemania. Have Ryback win Royal Rumble. GIves Ryback another good 5 months to get better in the ring
Even if he doesn't win, they better let him Shellshock Bourne, Primo, and Kidd out of the ring all at once.
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