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Originally Posted by possom813 View Post
Find a dark color towel/sheet something like that for a background.

If you have a small tripod, use it, some small ones can be found for about 5 bucks at Dollar General or some other discount store(think about 12" tall)

If you don't want to do the tripod, get a stack of books to steady the camera.

Place the ball on the towel and prop the towel up so that you have a bottom and a 'wall' behind the ball.

If you don't have lights, take the pictures during the day, and in direct sunlight.

Set your camera to macro and turn the flash off.

Don't zoom in, move the camera closer, unless you have a really good camera. The zoom will blur the picture on cheaper cameras.

Steady the camera on the books or tripod, and don't let it shake at all.

Take your pictures, Voila!

I expect to be 'report' free for at least 15 years for this information and for you to bully anyone that does report me.
Great. This is just perfect. You sir are a good man and earn a hearty and a report-free existence for life.
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