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Originally Posted by C&M Sports Memorabil View Post
One case of hobby here with good/great results- 2 cards. one large lot and one master set got me back $360 and with my other sales I am alreay in the plus colume.

I sort by 50's and the wife is of great help. I list hits immediately on ebay for 1 day auctions and then the follow up stuff for 3 day actions. On the following Sunday I take relist all unsold auctions after making market corrections for price. I hold a couple of sets back and sell the in 30 day auctions.
good way to do it and listing the odds/ends....tougher hits for 3 days is good
plus don't sell self short, some undervalue hits from stuff as base topps
IF you look at market the 'hits' from base topps or heritage will often go way more than a similar hit #d lower from a premium product such as museum, TTT, etc

the topps hits are so tough and have numerous set collectors added to player & team collectors that the higher end stuff may have

you pull a patch out of base topps and just look or an auto allstar jersey or a triple allstar jersey or an auto of ripken, or whatever, compare the market
but again this is not always the case but close to it and not always equaling profits
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