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Originally Posted by BrownsCollector View Post
Well, ask him for Gonzo and Rodgers, for McCoy and Bowe, that's a trade you should take. Gonzo is looking good as ever, the QB situation in KC could hurt Bowe's targets, and like you said, McCoy isn't getting the ball near the goal line. -_- If Rodgers had a better O-line, this would be a no-brainer trade :P, he's still Aaron Rodgers though!
Thanks. I made him an offer for Andre and LeSean for Tony and Rodgers, so we'll see what he says!

Hate to make excuses like every losing team does, but the only reason we lost on Sunday is because of Vick. I mean, its first and have three shots to get it into the endzone on the ONE yard line...EASY!

What do they do? Give it to Mr. Turnover (I like watching Vick play, but his turnovers have really made me TURNOVER on him haha!), and he fumbles it on the one!!! Why not hand it to your fullback or RB (each with 5-star ball security) like all other teams do?

Like I said: hate to make excuses, but if anybody but Vick got that ball, it would have been a TD and a win
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