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Originally Posted by Ajax1723 View Post
That's kinda what I do. Most of my hits go one day when they go up, and anything numbered to /25 or lower of a non-star player I will fix price. If it is someone huge like Ripken, Pujols, Harper, Trout, etc, I know in auction being one of the first few will be more important than fixed pricing it most of the time.

Of course I have found exceptions, I sold the first Harper SP for 325, which obviously now looks to be about 10x actual market value. But on hobby release when everyone is opening and putting stuff up, only the not-as-popular stuff goes fixed price.

Other low numbered stuff, like the black parallels, I have been starting at 3.99 or 4.99 so I don't get killed on those, seems they don't do as well in the open market unless they are great names.

My next big break is 3 cases of Topps Chrome Football (wanted to go 4, but they went up too high by the time I got there, might try to get one from my LCS). Only doing one case of Bowman Chrome because of the wrapper redemption. But both should be fun, and I limited the risk with Chrome by getting in at a pretty good price.
some issues with cards like the blacks is that the set builders of those all buy direct offline now because a couple years back they got into bidding wars
commons were going $50-$150 each sometimes as only ones listed, it was nuts, so us case breakers kinda hurt ourselves by selling those or complete gold sets offline as then there is less bids and less shown completed sold auctions which can help without a doubt

BUT you do right by starting at $5 each, helps so much and they are limited so no rush to sell, I have seen blacks go up after a couple weeks when even more scarce, and free listings

I do agree with not-so-op going fixed
and you did well on the harper BUT have seen it go the other way too, where a FP sits there and sits there while market drops too fast
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