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Originally Posted by Brewer Andy View Post
Saw this somewhere and had it saved......

Card holder sizes:

Take a stack of standard sports cards (commons) and lay them on top of each other. Place them next to the thicker insert and refer to the chart below to figure out what thickness your card is.

* 1 Regular Card = 20 Point - Use All Standard or Regular Card Holders

* 3 Regular Cards = 55 Point - Use 55 Point Holders (Also called Action Packed Size or Thick)

* 4-5 Regular Cards = 70-75 Point - Use 75 Point Holders or Extra Thick Holders

* 6-8 Regular Cards = 120-130 Point - Use 130 Point Holders (Commonly called Memorabilia Size or Real Thick or 3.5 mm)

* 9-12 Regular Cards = 180 Point - Use 180 Point Holders (Also called Super Thick)

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