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Originally Posted by hohlernr View Post
Not sure if you can buy individual boxes of Jumbo if you buy X amount of hobby boxes/cases? I think you may have to buy the 6 cases of hobby for 1 case of jumbo.
Buyers who purchase direct from Topps (hobby shops & distributors), I think you are right, they have to buy 6 hobby cases for every 1 Jumbo case.

But regular folks (collectors) don't buy direct. They buy from hobby shops or retailers. Those hobby shops and retails can divvy up their inventory and sell it any way they choose. So I'm sure you can find a place that'll sell you 6 hobby boxes and 1 jumbo box. Probably. Right? Some retailers might be saving Jumbo's for their "premiere" customers though, so you might get hosed on the whole deal. This business is nuts futs cabutts.
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