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Originally Posted by ebacardi2 View Post
The OP is a JA. We agreed on a deal and the same night(late) my dog was taking to the emergency room so I pm'd the OP and asked if I could get out(no paypal had been sent yet) since the bill was going to be extremely high he said "no problem" "hope your dog gets better" so fast forward to a few days ago. I see the same card(not his but same one) we had agreed to make a deal on(not his) and buy it(not even thinking twice that it is the same card that OP was selling) So OP see that I bought the card and thinks he can go and leave me negative feedback for a deal that he AGREED to let me back out of. I also said that he can see the bills if he wants, but no response. He is just be a dick for some reason.

I always pay immediately and feedback shows that, this OP is just jumping to his own conclusion. I would avoid OP if I were you because heaven forbid something happens to one of your kids,dogs whatever and you need to back out then he will leave a negative 3 weeks later if he happens to find out you got the item down the line someday.
What I dont understand is how you can tell him you have no money for the card because of emergency vet bills. Then go out after the vet bills and buy the same card?

So because of vet bills, you would have no money to buy a card. So you back out of the deal with him. But then suddenly you have money to buy another card right after the vet bills?

Listen, you should be buying/selling cards if you are that stapped for cash. This goes for anyone that seems to run out of money for emergencies. I cant imagine what you would do if you really did have an emergency?
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