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Originally Posted by Jenkinssssss View Post
lol ebacardi.

what a lying scumbag. guy lies about pulls, cards he has for sale, who knows what else?

i remember when National Treasures FB came out and he got caught NPB on a bunch of Roy Helu sticker autos (including mine).

also this summer he acted like he owned the Cam Newton Topps Chrome Super-which was extra hilarious because Fish was the owner. we never heard a word about that after I posted a pic of me holding it at TFS.

what a sad, pathetic existence.

with so many issues this cat has i totally forgot about this. I need to start writing this stuff down

edit- i do remember him consigning a bunch of cards then shilling them(with one of his 200 ebay accnts)andbeing called out by the consignor(for that was recent)
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