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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
So I'm a huge Star Wars fan, always have been, never got into anything but the movies, but they're among my favorites of all time (well the first 3 hahaha). I was at walmart and saw some rack packs for Star Wars Galactic Files and thought they were really cool.

Is buying a box of that worth it at the price here on blowout or is there something else I'd enjoy breaking better?

I really want to try a Star Wars box that isn't too expensive but still a fun break. I'm assuming there are some sort of hits in each box like in sports right?

Thanks for the suggestions
Zona, whats up man! Stewart is going in the mail today by the way. Well I got into star wars cards during the release of Galaxy 6. That was the most fun I have had opening boxes, as Topps usually had two sketches per box, or printing plate/ sketch per box. And the sketches were really well done!! That stuff now though is $130-$160 for a box so tough get there. Galaxy 7 I got a case of and pulled some really nice cards. The Galaxy cards are more focused around sketches. As they have Sketchagraphs, which are hard signed cards with a sketch above it....very cool most of them. The new galactic files is more of a set builder/ patch (patches are not impressive) collector and autos of the actors/actress with a real sketch. I personally enjoy the galaxy set better than galactic files. There are still alot of nice sketches out there, but not as compared to what I saw on the galaxy set. Go for a galaxy 7 box, its $20 bucks cheaper too!!!
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