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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
Really I'm looking for something geared more towards the movies than the comics and such as I want to know most of the characters I'm getting
Ya the cards are really sweet. The thing with Galactic Files is that it was supposed to encompass the entire Stars Wars universe. So this includes the movies, but also the clone wars cartoon series, and a good amount of expanded universe stuff (basically the stuff that happens years after the movie and many years before the movies) So you could be getting something you have no idea on, but that can be fun. SW Galaxy 7 was heavily preordered so Topps only put in one sketch per box, and the printing plates were like one every other ya production was ramped up. I'm hoping Galaxy 8 will be like Galaxy 6, just like in sports cards how one year that set is up then the next year it is not as good. Granted I liked Galaxy 7, but the extra sketch would of been nice.

So Galactic Files may actaully be fun, you may get someone that your not sure about, but there are some really, really cool expanded universe characters that you may not know about. Like Han and Leia's kids, luke's son, some really cool bad guys. Your a winner with either one. It comes down to sketch cards, and I prefer Galaxy 7 over Galactic Files...its cheaper and ya one less hit, but those patch cards are rough....come one topps.
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