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Originally Posted by crazymj View Post
Big LCS will get direct distribution from upper deck, but usually only 1 to 2 cases. So they will know how much and thats when some guys are saying they're getting $1600-1900 from their Local card shop because LCS doesn't mind just selling for a small profit especially if they're not checking dacardworld and forums everyday and up to date with the prices. Usually they just sell it couple hundred more than what they get from upper deck and a $300 profit is enough for them.

Now there are small local card shops who doens't get direct cases from upper deck. In order to get good products like exquisite, they have to order the crappy stuff as well and pretty much couple cases of every product that comes out. Many card shops these days can't afford to do that because the margin of gain is so small and sometimes they even lose money because of the competitive prices with online stores. So many small card shops will not be able to order directly from Upper deck. The biggest direct buyers from UD are distributors who gets hundreds, maybe thousands of cases from upper deck. Then they distribute to their customers but only to card stores. In order to get it from the distributor, u have to have a business license and in the upper deck case, u must have a real store and not an online one and upper deck for some reason is really strict. So thats why blowoutcards is not even authorized to sell.
So when some local card stores say they're not sure how much its going to be yet, it probably means they're getting it from distributors and while distributors know how much they're getting from upper deck already, when they send it to LCS, they just charge whatever the dealer net going rate is.
100% correct. Thanks for clarifying this, some people might not know how some hobby shops are ran. I'm just glad I will be able to get whatever boxes of exquisite my shop get in.
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