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Do not make the mistake of basing your break on hits alone. High end base sells very, very well at comc. You can easily get $1 to $10 for many of your cards not listed.

DO NOT SELL ANY CARDS AT AUCTION ON EBAY NOW!! You can BIN/OBO, sure, but auction is a terrible way to throw away money unless your player is in the postseason.

Originally Posted by samoan3d View Post
I knew I was going to be put near the bottom of the list, but I easily lost over $100 on this break and I was the 6th best? Ouch. Congrats to the top 5 because the rest of us lost our ass .
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Wow - this break was brutal then if I am drafting that low- only major hit was the Ruth that is valued at $100
I am not sure what you guys were expecting out of this break. Average ROI on any Topps High End Product is about 40% of market prices. We actually did very, very well in this break.
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