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Originally Posted by XL5 View Post
IMO, not recommended. I have one of those scanners for documents. I sent some TC base through there just to test and it's not good for the card surface. Even more forgiving cards like Update are still too rigid and you risk doing a lot of damage to them. Also because they're rigid, the scans sometimes get warped.

I did use them for code cards, worked fine since I trashed the actual cards after emailing PDFs of them.
I agree. Some use them for bulk listings of base cards, but can cause surface issues, plus cards like Chrome, Finest, etc don't show up well, and then thick cards tend to have issues especially the relic cards, it is more for a stack of base cards or parallels but you do run risk (even if small risk) of damage or dings or jams

most 'hit's would not work in it especially the thick ones which is like all these days, and would you want to risk a high $ card in it?
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