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Originally Posted by jlittle1981 View Post
Thanks for the insight!! Don't worry about me though, I cant even stomach buying a $20 blaster at Target when I'm bored. All retail is to me is a blown $20 to get base. Rather just spend it on eBay for singles.

I dont think I will do cases for Topps just because I'm not so interested in "master" sets from base Topps. Except for Calculus' stories of missing base, for the most part I have been lucky getting whole sets out of jumbo boxes. But Heritage is number one cause I like having those complete. I may go the case route only for sets that need more than one box i.e. A&G, Heritage, Archives. Should be fun next year, I'm working on organizing so I'm ready for a Heritage case.

you would be very lucky to get 1 master set from 1 case of heritage
and it would cost you 2x at least what the set will run you
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