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Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post

go with the reliability angle. Have a young-ish guy driving it off the lot. cut to a slightly older version of him going to work. A slightly older version going to a ball-game. An older version with a baby in the carseat. Older version with toddler/young child bouncing around in the back seat. Older version with the guy giving the keys to his now old enough kid to drive to some high school thing. Older version of the guy giving the car to his kid at college or something. i dunno.
I like both your ideas, but #2 is especially solid. Very nice.

I'm also toying in my mind with a play on gas prices...since you said it gets killer mpg we could have the guy driving past gas station after gas station without having to stop, with the numbers going up and up and up. Only thing is I think they've done similar things with electric car commercials before, at least the passing of gas stations in general.

Looking for old slogans of theirs by the way, maybe we could tweak an old one in a new way? I found:
"Shift expectations"
"Shift the way you move"
"Enjoy the drive"
"Innovation for all," which was recently dropped in favor of "Innovation that excites"
"Just wait until you try it"

Also checking out Car and Driver's review - "Highs" were looks like an Infiniti (a car you would spend $20k more on), spacious interior, nearly 40 mpg highway, comfy seats, and it's lighter. Maybe we can work that looking like a fancier car into the everyman with a nightlife idea you had.
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