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Originally Posted by brentandbecca View Post
you would be very lucky to get 1 master set from 1 case of heritage
and it would cost you 2x at least what the set will run you
Do you mean that the amount of profit return from keeping a master set, as opposed to selling it, would double what it would cost to just buy it outright?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if I spent $725 on the case and I kept the master set but sold extra base sets and hits, that my return would only be say $300, but then that means I spent the other $425 to make the set, which I could buy for around $200?

That is really something to think about, but my thing is I just love to open boxes and I really haven't been doing so lately, so I don't know if the loss I would take would be worth it or not because I think it would be really fun to open a case.

Brent, do you rip Heritage and sell master sets? I know some people hate Heritage.
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