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Default Box of 2011 Contenders from Fantastic Store = SSP!

I bought a box for Matt to break live on the Blowout Cards BlogTV channel. A nice little box featuring the following autos:

Greg Jones
Armond Smith
Jordan Cameron
Von Miller (redemption)
Blaine Gabbert

So a decent box with Miller and Gabbert, but with neither selling too well it wasn't amazing. However, got the cards in today and I'm checking out the Gabbert...

No Riddell Logo variation SSP /25!

Box got a lot better! Super tough hit as many of the variations had much higher print runs. 25 was the lowest of any of them and only a handful of players had print runs that low. With my luck to find one of those in a one box break is pretty amazing!

All cards are FT/FS except Miller only because I'm redeeming it since it's live. Will be available when it comes.
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