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Originally Posted by fduran27 View Post
Dr mr fake magician - lol
1st of all autopick for me
2nd - I know it's high risk high reward- I mean I am in finance for gods sake my comment was basically saying that I feel bad for others since I was one of the better lots and only really had one hit -
3rd - how is joe morgan
No, I wasn't bitching really. Take that tone for didactic because that is really how I meant it.

I promise, you can 99% of the time take me as not too serious. I talk to my group breaks as if I were talking to a group of friends at dinner. Can come across wrong in posts.

In the live breaks on ustream, you can ALWAYS count on me to be kidding. When I do get mad, I get quiet - happens rarely and usually from something truly insulting that someone posted in chat.

In the late night drinking game, all bets are off. I never get mad then anyway - just stupid drunk. I even sing and do tongue twisters!
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