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Watched Taken 2 today,wasn;t as good as the 1st one but was still decent
Saw The Factory yesterday.....suffice to say the last 5 minutes raped the entire movie for me...
Watched patient Zero earlier and it was the shittiest movie ever....I was so annoyed that the IMDB rating was a 7.7 then realized it had 27 votes and it was clearly the cast/crew/publicists/producers,that I posted a 2 and a rant and now its at 2.3 Clearly more people felt the same as I.
Watching Abraham Vampire hunter and It is pretty damn good

lets see,what else
On video, the Dinosaur project,wasn;t too shabby for a B movie. if it had 1-2 stars in it, it would have POSSIBLY been an A movie.

Chernobyl Diaries,contrary to other people's take, was a nice flick to me.

Will be watching Excision in a few hours which has a nice IMDB rating of 6.7 with 300 votes
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