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Originally Posted by thescout View Post
I'm confused by the "returned" on his request. You mean they just left the sign card in his mailbox and then he never actually went to get it? If he didn't sign for it and it never made it back to the PO then yes that is ridiculous. I'm am personally appalled and hurt at the loss of my former orange beauty, 6/25

No, apparently he was afraid of his wife finding out what he spent on the cards. Not sure a package coming would mean he spent tons of money. But he called the post office and had them return the package and have it available at the PO for him to pick it up. My problem is I wanted the item sent to his house, yet they worked with him to have it available at the PO instead. But it is missing now, and he said it was never at the PO.
I don't even know.

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