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Originally Posted by TouchEmAllCards View Post
Hmmmm. Hopefully not dried up. Im hoping someone can help me with these Base Chrome Colors I need.

I have a Gold #/50 Inbound. Need a Red Orange Blue to go with the Auto Rainbow.

If anyone knows the guy that has that Superfractor up for sell on feebay....let him know $700 is just to much for a NON AUTO Super of a Single A Prospect.
wrong. Cause a super is a super.... theres only one therefore you can't just replace it with another card /5 or something like that. Plus he has it and you need it. There is a "NEED" no matter what if your goal is to fulfill the rainbow. So he has definite leverage. I am with you though. I am a super Jonathan Singleton collector and when 2012 Bowman Platinum came out I just happen to have 100 dollars and sold a bat same day for 100 and bought 2 of the 5 short print cards... Lucky me. And 3 red /25 and 5 of the die cut /25... since then I've seen none on ebay. Either they haven't been pulled or their in someones collection. Either way as Beckett says for most microfractor's /25.... they are really not priceable because they are only 25 cards out of 23,000 cards produced or so. So 700 isn't too much to ask. All about where that guy is financially and if he has a need for money. I see some ask 700 then end up taking 230 best offer. Never know. Maybe ask the guy what team he follows or if you have cards or cash to combine make something happen. He obviously wants to make a buck but maybe feel out his needs.

On another note... you have 2 of those Delino /25 gold die cut Bowman chrome...

I also have 2, and there is a guy selling 24/25 of the complete set that has one. Just wondering if you have 2 and what serial number they are. BTW mine freaking I got graded one of em and it got 7.5... bummer!!! bgs also. Didn't grade well hit or miss on the edges of them even though you can clearly tell that they had never been touched since pulled and you can see the cut traces on the edges.
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