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NOTE: You can sell your packs instead - deadline is 10/16.

Wrapper payment:

I will ship the wrappers for you - using the name and address from your paypal payment. If you have 2 addresses, please pm me the second address.

(If you want me to send the wrappers to you instead, I will gladly oblige.)

Please click this link to pay:
180 2012 Bowman Chrome Wrappers | Cheap Fun Breaks


1. Enter your BO username in the box.
2. Click "pay now" button.
3. If you are getting more than one package, adjust the quantity and click "update."
4. Pay.

Blue Wave wrappers break one:

1 otmack2o (12bizzles)
2 alpine - PAID
3 Mugs46 (Blue_Devil)
4 Mugs46 (endthecurse)
5 fly606us
6 houdini - PAID
7 jarhoops
8 Reljac
9 uberfatty (theacox)
10 tmgrnzx9r
11 ttyler516
12 VWBUS1978

Blue Wave wrappers part deux:

1 Abracadaver
2 Andrew Jones
3 bigbaseballboy
4 Chadc13
5 dimer10
7 hobbiewt
8 jarhoops
9 neahcrow
10 Reid n Owen
11 straw44
12 tai
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