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I do open Heritage...if you are are opening for the fun of building your own set and whatnot it is worth it, if you care more about the set, then yes, wait and buy a set

Originally Posted by jlittle1981 View Post
Do you mean that the amount of profit return from keeping a master set, as opposed to selling it, would double what it would cost to just buy it outright?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if I spent $725 on the case and I kept the master set but sold extra base sets and hits, that my return would only be say $300, but then that means I spent the other $425 to make the set, which I could buy for around $200?

That is really something to think about, but my thing is I just love to open boxes and I really haven't been doing so lately, so I don't know if the loss I would take would be worth it or not because I think it would be really fun to open a case.

Brent, do you rip Heritage and sell master sets? I know some people hate Heritage.
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