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I have been wanting to post, but have been busy doing the whole sort, ship, repeat exercise. Looks like you had a good time and learned a lot. The main thing is that you enjoyed it though (other than sorting). I remember how overwhelming it was the first time I broke a large amount of a base Topps product. It really can take over your life and make you think "what was I thinking"? Even with all of the work involved, I still really enjoy it and like the challange.

I will add one piece of perspective. I know everyone has different opionions on sorting, but here is how I like to do it. When I break boxes, I put all cards into 3200 count boxes and stack them to the sky. When sorting, I pull out 2 rows and only do that much at a time. This is exactly 4 boxes the way I do it (comes out to 4 sets usually). The time averages out to 25-30 minutes per set on average. I have tried sorting 1 set, and I have tried sorting all of them at a time. This seems to be the happy medium, atleast for me. This way I am getting sets made and shipped regularly instead of all at a time days later. Again, just a personal preference.

I have enjoyed watching your progress with this project and I hope you keep the "bug" and keep breaking. It is nice seeing enthusiastic collectors trying something new. It reminds me of how excited I was as a kid when opening a pack of cards. This really is a fun hobby and it can be enjoyed in many, many different ways.

Also, as a side note. I want to give props to Brent for helping everyone out with his advice and opinions. I do not know him personally, but it is great to see un-selfish collectors willing to help others out.

This thread is what this hobby should be all about. Friends and collectors helping each other out. There are too many threads floating around calling people out for shilling, stealing, fake patches, grammar errors, etc. We need a lot less of those threads and lot more like this.

Isn't this hobby great? :-)
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