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Originally Posted by mikecamp99 View Post
Just saw this in another post, will make it interesting for the forst couple picks each case:

BOWMAN CHROME release is now only a week away! To celebrate, we will be delivering Bowman Chrome content and contests with great giveaways every day leading up to the launch! To start, we'll kick things off today with the Bowman Chrome Rookie Auto List, which is as follows:

Bryce Harper
Yu Darvish
Will Middlebrooks
Trevor Bauer

Nice that just bumped up the Nats and Red Sox quite a bit and already added to the value that was already there for the Rangers and DBacks!

With that said, I'm still looking to trade out of my #3 pick in case 1 and #2 pick in case 2 if anyone wants to jump up and grab a team like the Nats, Rangers, Dbacks, or Red Sox. Looking for top 8 picks in multiple cases.
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