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Originally Posted by nhsportsguy View Post
There we go!!

Ok guys, the only thing not in the checklist are the RC's from the base set, but I think I'm going to try to put a pre-draft ranking together by 12pm tomorrow, and we'll start the draft Friday @3pm EST. Sound good??
That works for me, although if we're not pressed for time I think a sunday start would be better (more time to trade picks since everyone just found out pretty much the final checklist)

I have the picks below available everyone. Would like to get as close to pick 10 as possible in any case. I would also consider selling any of these 3 slots

Case 1- 19
Case 4- 23
Case 5- 18

Also have a 9th pick in case 2, wouldn't mind working out a deal with a pick or paypal to get a little higher with that
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