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Originally Posted by Ajax1723 View Post
True Didn't think about that, but usually the sets are the last thing I get done, just seems to happen that way, I hate sorting.
The best use of your time is selling the hits, the sets will sell and get sorted in due course.

Originally Posted by calculusdork View Post
After doing 6 cases, now I know my limitations. And my wife's.
Absolutely know your limitations.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but for the love of all that is good don't think you can take Brent's system exactly and make it work for you. His system is good... for him. You have to do it your way. You need to do your own math. You need to be sure you know your product.

Case and point. In 2006 I started doing football because everyone was. I took a beating because I don't know much about football (other than God must love the Giants more than the Jets).

I do know hockey. I make money selling hockey. I have a clientele. I don't want to underestimate or dare Brent to jump into hockey because the last thing I need is someone ripping sixty cases of Upper Deck Series 1, but I suspect that I'd have a higher ROI because its been my market for 20 years.

Please do your own homework and do what you know, because if not you'll be selling a lot more to the case-break leftover guy (me) than you care to.
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