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Originally Posted by Ray27Ray52 View Post
I hated hated hated Avatar. The biggest piece of liberal tree hugging crap of a film I have ever seen. Just plain awful, from start to finish.
There is no need to make this a political issue. It's an anti-corporate, anti-war industry movie. Tree-hugging yes (almost literally). Liberal? Meh.

Originally Posted by blowoutcards3 View Post
I have to say, the main characters ONLY job was to broker peace and help avoid a war, he failed pretty miserably.

Also, if Unobtanium was really worth like a zillion dollars an ounce, its safe to assume it did something pretty amazing, like cure cancer, or end world hunger. Not sure why the natives could not just move like the humans wanted. Hell, they might have moved if main character guy just did his damn job, but no, he wanted some alien booty and it cost thousands of easily avoided deaths. Ugh, hated that movie.
You got it completely backwards. The main character was wrong to expect to walk in and get the entire tribe to move. Of course they wouldn't want to move from their sacred lands. He saw that. In the end, the natives had to fight.

That's not fiction or fantasy. That's REAL HISTORY.

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