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Originally Posted by brentandbecca View Post
I agree completely.

Plus this is a market it has ups and downs. Much of the bigger collectors (at least of BB and the sets) are older, and have heard from many that they are stopping after this year or soon as they are getting older and priorities changing.

Next year looks like some new challenges may come with different ebay policies, possible taxes, possible PO changes, and changes in product content/players coming up...the past few years have been hot for the most part, but will it continue? We shall see.
Yeah, seems like a lot of new constraints are about to squeeze the market tightly. These things will have a very tangible impact. My guess is that the smarter, more dedicated small-time breakers will find ways to continue to bust cases, but it's really going to strangle a lot of the bigger breakers that are relying on flipping to produce a profit. What's the difference for the guy who breaks one case? His $200 profit might go to $100 or $125, and he still has fun busting the case. But what about the guy whose $50,000 annual breaking income suddenly drops to $30,000? That's a big hit.

There is also the longer-term concern that most set collectors are indeed older. Most of the buyers I sold to mentioned to me in our conversations that they had been "collecting sets for X years". And X was usually bigger than 25. Most of the younger collectors either prospect or chase hits. So what will happen with base cards and base sets? Surely the card companies will adjust to their market, and they will have to if their sales decline dramatically.

It will be interesting to watch this situation unfold.
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