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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
I swear the world is just going to be teasing me until this box shows up

An hour after ordering the box I get in my car and on the XM fantasy channel they were doing a segment called the cabana or something with sound effects from the original star wars in that bar and R2-D2 sound effects.

Then about an hour later someone bought a card from me off eBay and paid for it, the email address tied to the PayPal account was like lukeiamyourfather@..... Hahahaha
Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post

Just was looking at an offer I received this morning too and the eBay users name was "skywlkr"

wtf is going on with all these star wars references today of all days, hahaha, maybe I need to watch one of them tonight too
And it continues........

Was in my LCS today and someone came in with low and behold, the Star Wars theme song as their ringtone, you've gotta be kidding me, hahahahaha
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