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Default 1 Box 2012 Triple Threads, 1 Mini Box 2012 Finest, 12 packs of 2012 topps chrome

Went to the LCS for some magnetics and penny sleeves and decided to open my first ever mini box of finest and triple threads. also finished off the rest of what he had in topps chrome.

you can watch the break videos here or scroll down to see the hits.
2012 topps finest mini box - YouTube - finest
First ever box of 2012 topps triple threads box 1 - YouTube - TTT box 1
First ever box of 2012 triple threads box 2 - YouTube - TTT box 2

Lets start with the topps chrome. 12 packs left. Got 1 of the hits and most of the color. Felt i did pretty well there.

2012 Topps Finest Mini Box

Guy Picked the first box for me and it was pretty good then i went to open the second box and i got the hit in the first pack so i stopped right there.

Then i went for the Triple Threads. I made the mistake of passing on it last time and this girl i know opened the box i was going to buy and pulled a Darvish. I didn't get a Darvish but i felt i did well. All Low numbers.. /9 , /18, /18 and /50

All for Trade or Sale. Also let me know if you need base of any of these for your sets. Finest and Triple Threads are too expensive for me to go for a set also i have a lot of topps chrome base and refractors.

Thanks for looking!
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