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There is no truth out there on this. Everything is so tied up in webs of lies. All these guys have been dopers. Why are they to be trusted now? Makes so little sense to me. The USADA is a witch hunting organization that cannot be turned away. Where were these reports 8 years ago? I am not saying that he was clean by any means, but who has been? You cycle and win, guess what: YOU CHEATED. I am wondering when they will go and vacate Greg LeMond's titles from the 80s or whenever. What a joke.

I am disappointed in you Alex on this one. Saying that all the man has done for the WORLD is gone because he cheated (just like every other cyclist). Really? The man almost died and was able to come back and no matter what, WON. He encouraged so many to do better, and nothing you can say can take that away from them.
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