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So here's myside and to anyone who wants to sit behind their computer and judge me without knowing all facts and call me a liar or a thief , how I wish you lived close by so we could discuss your comments in person.

The truth is this: I asked the package to be shipped to me but unfortunatly Mr. Neema had shipped package in my wife's name. My wife knows I buy cards but being that she's half cuban she's fiery and I did not want her to know how much I had just spent on 3 cards. I did go to post office and ask them to hold package their for pickup. They make you fill out a form providing information on the package (this is standard in every post office in America if you ask them). On Monday Oct 1. when I got off my job @ 9Am the tracking # showed package was last scanned in Greensboro over the weekend. I went to work at my other job ang got off around 6:30. When I got home I checked tracking # and showed it was in Lenoir and went out for delivery, I thought sweet Ill get cards tommorrow. Oct 2 I get off work again around 9am run by post office to pick package, but know one can find it. I ask to speak to a Supervisor who says she remebers the package coming in but not sure where its out and for me to come by later that day. Oct 2 around 4-5pm on my lunch go to post office and speak to a different supervisor who again tells me they cant find package and maybe it was accidently shipped back to sender. I was told to keep watching tracking # that it would show up when its scanned. Oct 5th Friday around 3pm I go to post office again talk to a supervisor who says they have no idea where package is at and "they've looked everywhere"( supposivly) and i should come by Tuesday being they were closed for a Holiday the Post office would get cleaned thoroughly. Oct 9th around 9AM I go to post office and speak to the original Supervisor I delt with on day 1. She told me that they had no luck and the package wasn't found. She also stated they had 3 other packages missing from same time frame but they were presciption packages (wether this is true I do not know). She said she had turned info over to Postal Inspector, but unless they find someone redhanded or owns up the package was probably stolen or gone. She also stated that because it wasnt inssured she didnt think the Post office would do anything. So here we are, Im still hoping it turns up. I still havent completly given up hope but I will be scouring the internet to see if these cards pop up and I will be contacting the local dealers in the surrounding area to see if someone trys to sale them, because mail fraud is a federal offense. This is the truth I swear, Matt N
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