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Originally Posted by nadeauman33 View Post
The truth is this: I asked the package to be shipped to me but unfortunatly Mr. Neema had shipped package in my wife's name. My wife knows I buy cards but being that she's half cuban she's fiery and I did not want her to know how much I had just spent on 3 cards. I did go to post office and ask them to hold package their for pickup.
Sucks about the package, but know this: any time you try to change up standard procedure with something like the USPS, you are just adding a large potential point of failure and/or abuse.

It's too late for this one, but consider getting a Paypal account in your own name/mailing address so you don't have to do the dance with the PO/postman.

Anyway, best of luck, I really hope this gets resolved and it's just a matter of it being misplaced at the PO and not stolen. I'll be keeping an eye out for those cards, I do a lot of 2011 BC/BDPP searches.
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