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Originally Posted by stinkus View Post
Do people usually put "WARNING, THERE ARE $700 WORTH OF CARDS INSIDE THIS PACKAGE" on the outside of it? Otherwise how would your wife know WHETHER you spent $7 or $700? Also, someone who spends that much money seems to have a very nonchalant and cavalier attitude about a lost package. If i spend $500+ on something and the PO had a "check the tracking" or "we don't know" approach to it, I'd be furious and barking up the corporate ladder until they sent slab-sniffing dogs looking for the damn thing.

Also, no matter how bad of a taste a processed insurance claim leaves, how can u not spend the $15 extra to cover you in case of a loss? I've been through it and it sucks, but it is SOOOO worth it. Nice to know that if it doesn't turn up, you're just ok with it. Must be nice to not worry about such a huge potential loss.

I hope everything works out for the best, but seems like neither of you have a great deal of interest this deal is processed properly, either on the front or back end.
If she would have signed for package the first words she'd ask me is how much did you pay for that, and I rather not lie to her. And the nonchalant or cavalier comment if thats directed at me, how the Hell do you know my attitude by reading my post? I was staying calm and tryin to be polite on here. Truth is Im pissed off and either go by or contact the post office every single day since this started and will continue untill this is resolved!
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