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Originally Posted by KB81 View Post
Sorry to hear about the loss of cards and $

What happens if you find a card on ebay one day FS? what can you do?

I am on same boat; lost an Orange Bryce Harper Jumbo Patch Auto from 2012 Finest and I go on ebay everyday looking for #89/99 but what could I do if I do find it besides reporting to Ebay? Will they actually do something?

I have the Ebay messages, tracking # and listing number tha all prove I mailed the card and it never reached the buyer (actually went to a diff state, wtf?).
It seemed like the PO was opening an investigation, so I figured once the cards show up I can call the PO and say I found an account with them on it. If it turns out to be a past worker of USPS then he will definitely get caught, if not I would message the guy asking who he got it from to find the original thief. Also figure maybe once the guy realizes the cards will do him no good, but get him caught he may ship them back to the sender. To make it look like it was just sent back from the PO. (Hopefully the guy does that.)
I don't even know.
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