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I actually just heard about a new Panini release: Panini Diamond!!

It is sure to put all other releases to shame. As a matter of fact, this release is so epic, it may wipe out all other basketball cards.

All cards are to be completely Diamond encrusted (like your typical bejeweled phone case, except with real flawless diamonds) and the set will feature Carbon nano-tube and Michael Jordan DNA sample parallels numbered to just 3000.

Parts of the card that are not covered by diamonds will contain materials like gold, silver, platinum and chrome.

Each box will be $10,000.00, containing one pack and one card.

An auto is promised but only sticker autos will be included. Relic parallels are also available!! These are presented as one color 1cm X 1cm swatches that are from uncertified jerseys likely bought at K-Mart.

Former NBA players Jim McIlvaine and Walter Berry are on the checklist 7 times. In fact, 1 in 2 boxes contains an auto of one of these household name legends!

Can't wait for Panini DIAMOND!!!
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