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Originally Posted by achantl View Post
Thanks for hosting NH, the videos were great. It was an interesting introduction to group breaks. While it was exciting, it's hard to shell out that kind of money and only get a few cards (I was luck enough to hit two GU Braves cards in the first nine boxes, got shut out in the second nine). I might be interested in doing smaller breaks again, but probably won't go the group break route for a product like this.

We do get the base cards, if there were any, from our teams correct?
If you prefer hits might have better luck in random hits or hits draft, they are cheaper since they go by hits (jersey/auto/plates/low serial #'ed cards).
eBay sellers beware, I will leave you a neutral if you don't at least include a toploader when shipping a card. Feel free to block me if you don't ship with a toploader or secured card holder. That is all.
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