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Originally Posted by cassius423 View Post
Not movies, but if u haven't watched the walking dead or breaking bad I would strongly recommend them. If u like military documentaries, check out restrepo.
Have follow both those shows and absolutely LOVE them!...AMC has turned into a great station for TV shows.

will have to check out that military one, thanks!

Originally Posted by Nicnac View Post
The Interrupters

Watch it. NOW.

Being Elmo (if you still haven't seen it, and if not, shame on you).
I have not seen either one ....will def check them out though, thanks!

Originally Posted by XL5 View Post
District B13 (sorry, it has subtitles but you can ignore them).

Also, The Damned United and Triangle if it they ever come back to watch instantly. Triangle especially given your preference for thriller/mindbenders.
I will have ot check that first one out and be on the lookout for the other 2, thanks!
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