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Am I the only one who finds this thread hypocritical? I mean all the heat fans would start debates in other threads last year and now they do not want debates in this thread? Now I can see why 99% of the heat fans were put on my ignore list.

Allen will not be consistant so it is hard to tell if he will be a threat, I can see im dropping 35 points in a game and then 4 points in a game all from the free throw line, wade is injury bound and Bosh is actually playing a lot better than I have seen. (not sure if he was that good on Toronto)

I have said it before the Heat could win it again but LA will give them a run for their money, it won't be a 4-1 like against the thunder.

I also don't see the heat winning 8 titles like Lebron claimed when he first went to Miami. Wade= injury
allen= Won't be around for 8 years.

Won't happen the big three just couldn't get it all done, maybe if they started in 03 playing together it could be but now it is a little too late I can see 3 titles.

Personally I would love to see some crazy thing like the Clippers vs Magic in the finals (I know it won't happen, I just would love to see some crazy thing like that)
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