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Originally Posted by blowoutcards2 View Post
@crpalmi - Yes, you are correct. In the case of the season total winners, the member who has the QB with the most Total Touchdowns at the end of the regular season (rushing and passing both count towards the total) then they will receive the $500 Blowout Cards Gift Card.

For example, last season's Total TD winner was Aaron Rodgers with 48 Total TD's (45 Pass, 3 Rush). Although Drew Brees had more Passing TD's (46 compared to Rodgers' 45), because Brees only had 1 Rushing TD he ended up with only 47 Total TD's and thus lost out to Aaron Rodgers in the Total TD's at the end of the regular season category.
Does the same apply to WR??? total of their receiving TDs and any rushing TDs?? What about kick return TD's?? are those added as well since it is TOTAL TD's??

Not looking for anything specific...usually will just looks through buckets and lists to see what catches my eye.
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