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Originally Posted by Gibberish View Post
IMDb - Movies, TV and Celebrities

Part of the pleasure is when you find a movie yourself and want to share it

I do go on IMDB a lot, not sure what the purpose of your post was lol

Originally Posted by vc15jrich23 View Post
The grey just got added to streaming, I enjoyed it but I like those wintery snow type movies like the thing.
I watched that one because I like liam neesen but I hated the ending, movie up until the ending was pretty decent, but man I hated that ending lol

Originally Posted by EMD34 View Post
You have probably seen it but if you haven't, Memento is a great movie and it sounds like something you would like.
yeah, loved it!

Originally Posted by Strasburg View Post
Prison Break-Not a movie, but it is thrilling, and makes you use your head a bit.

If you have not watched this show, you have too, just an amazing many twists.

havent seen that one, but I know i have heard some good things about it, thanks!
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