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Default Someone PLEASE! Educate me!

Hi all! As you probably have guessed by now, i'm new to the forum and dont know squat! I would like to start a MMA collection and have seen some really cool cards in the FS section of the forum. I live on Guam, have a paypal account and would like to buy cards from other members. Some questions i have are...
1. Would forum members ship cards to me via USPS priority? If so, who pays for the shipping?

2. I am new to paypal as well but i have successfully sent money to an email address using my paypal account and my debit card number. Is this an acceptable way to buy cards on the forum and what other forms of payment are possible?

3. I'm assuming if the seller is willing to ship cards to my location, i would send him/her the payment in full through paypal before anything is shipped. Is this correct?

Sorry for all the rookie questions but i would really like to buy some of the cards/lots that i've seen on here and have never done so before. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, EJ
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