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OP has been updated with Team Rankings. This is what I will be using to determine auto-picks, so if you don't like or agree, please PM your own list.

Latest word from Topps is that the full checklist will be available Tuesday (no clue what time), but I'm going to start the draft Monday night @7pm EST. The draft will conclude @ midnight EST Monday, and resume @5pm EST Tuesday, running until complete. Each pick will have 30 minutes before being auto-picked. Each case will be drafted simultaneously.

If you have sent me a list, I will not wait the 30 minutes, unless you announce your presence in the thread, and I will use your list to pick for you.

You are free to begin picking now, if you so choose, but you are under NO obligation to do so!

Let me know if you have any questions!

**When drafting keep in mind, it is almost assured that a prospect with an auto, with also have a base prospect card**
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