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Guys please take a look at the rules as they have been updated.

You MUST include a price breakdown with all group breaks (this should save some PM's from mods to hosts and speed up the approval process).

2ndly given the problems we have been having, if you start accepting payments for your group break before it is moved from testing waters to approved you will be punished. Effective immedatly starting punishments will be 30 day bans from hosting group breaks and may go as far as break cancelations. This is becoming a big issue and multiple users have been warned. This is one of the ways we have to help keep the moderators in tune with what is happening on the forums.

This is a very simple thing to avoid. Once the break is full, all the host needs to do is "report a post" (its the little red triangle at the lower left of every post) and ask that it be moved. By reporting the post, all moderators will recieve notification and it should be moved shortly.
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