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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post

I honestly thought since only some of the sketch cards that get posted on here show the back that says 1/1 that only some were like that and others the artist did multiples of that specific sketch. Honestly slightly disappointed by that since I was hoping to get my first 1/1 at random and not where it's guaranteed, same reason I won't buy a product that guarantees a booklet till I pull one naturally for my first

Think I'll get over it pretty easy though, hahaha

What size cards are they done on?

I'd like to make sure I have a one touch in the right size, can stop by my LCS before they close if they're all the same size
Same size as any regular card, yeah wish they would do the sketch cards numberd by how many they actually did for the set....but thats wishing, also their are some rare true 1/1's by the artist Joe C. I believe who did the foil villian set. It's a 6 card set of all the bad guys, and you can get the original artwork for that subset which is pretty cool, and that would truley be a 1/1. Only problem is their are only like 6 and I know I have seen a few surface and sell for $700-$900 I believe.
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