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You are my new favorite member. It's amazing how far a little common sense will take you...isn't it?

Originally Posted by tamar3504 View Post
I have not had any interactions with OP so I will not speak to his character. This used to be a fun place to come and talk shop. All of a sudden people are being reported and suspended left and right. Good members that have done many deals and positively contribute to the site. In my two years here (still a newb) I have never seen so many problems caused by one person. Like our moms told us as children. It doesn't matter how much money you make or how successful you think you are if you don't love others you have failed. That being said when you start to think everyone else is the problem it is probably you.

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The Deflategate truthers are like one of those doomsday cults that declare the world is going to end at a certain date and time, and when it doesn’t, they just say “Whoops! We were slightly off in our math,” and then just pick another date.
Also, David Ortiz thinks he is bigger than the game.
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