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I'm going to disagree with you. I don't come here to trade with other people. This website is terrible for that...scammers...immature children...there are better websites out there for trading.

I come here for hobby knowledge, because I am a Blowout customer, and have fun and let off steam.

iTrader should have nothing to do with being here or not.

Originally Posted by Deanninja View Post
When I first started participating in the world of on-line forums I noticed a member named NWOlfpack who would post and create threads frequently. He would put stuff out there that was wrong on so many levels that it always caused some unsuspecting member to feed what he was looking for. His number of posts was way out of line with his iTrader. It was obvious that he wasn't here for cards. I didn't know what the term "Troll" had to do with an internet forum. I couldn't understand that someone would take pride and enjoyment in getting a reaction from someone they didn't know. It didn't matter what the subject was or whether it was a positive or negative reaction. Just as long as it incited some reaction. I enjoy participating on our forum and can choose who I interact with. I typically wouldn't take the time or effort to post in a thread like this as it encourages the behavior. Don't create threads like this. Create threads to talk about sports - trading or selling cards - grading etc. If you are addicted to this type of drama and interaction you should find another forum to participate in. I'm not saying you should leave this one behind - just join another one that you can get your drama fix on - and use Blowout for sports & cards stuff. The NWOlfpack created a thread like this also - he went off and said we should all start calling him Straight Shooter. Something to consider - is it everybody else or is it me?
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