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should rename the thread "The troll-baiting on this forum is out of hand". seriously dude, you start stuff and then run under the Mods' skirts. i have no idea how you haven't been at least given a 24 hour vacation to think about what you've done.

take a 24 hour voluntary time-out. it'll do you and us a real solid.

as others have said, when somebody is saying everybody else is the problem, it's usually that person that's the problem.

I have no problem with your business nor your dealings. But when you make backhanded comments as a shot at certain members, OR if you take a completely legit question and answer it in a shitty "tone", you're going to get reamed. people look out for each other here, and our #@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@ meters appear to get tripped more often whenever you are posting.

Funny that there aren't many members backing you up here, eh? Time to re-think how you act around here. Getting that Genesis thread deleted... not sure why. Each and every part of that story was true, with posts of YOUR OWN showing why. if you can't even handle the things you say, just stfu for a while.
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